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I ll confess to being a fan of tannoy s dualconcentricity since acquiring a traditional vintage set a while back. The company was founded by guy fountain in london, england as tulsemere manufacturing company in 1926 and moved to coatbridge, scotland in the 1970s. In summary, i liked them both and on the topic of bass the tannoy had great bass on the less bass heavy type of music. In addition, some files are archived, so you need winzip or winrar to open that files. My plan was to etch a new board to repair the speaker. Philips digital photoframe whats in the box carefully open the packing box and ensure that you have the following items.

Precision by name, and suitably precise by nature, the tannoy precision 6. Precision idp connectivity tannoy precision idp systems are based on a master slave topology. The manual goes into explicit and forensic detail on how and why youd be. Featuring 4 x 6 drivers and tannoy s latest wide band, dual concentric in a sealed mass loaded cabinet. Tannoy precision 8 passive for mastering gearslutz. Tannoy adopts a policy of continuous improvement and product specification is subject to change. These are less than 1 year old, bought from richer sounds in june last year. Download tannoy precision 6 idp pdf best pdf manuals. Concentric drivers in a range of sizes for many years, and the 8p. I ll confess to being a fan of tannoys dualconcentricity since. The tannoy reveal digital range of near field monitoring speakers builds upon the.

The tannoy reveal digital range of monitoring speakers can be optimised for far field, mid field and nearclose field free space situations right through to far field. Plus broken things bother me especially when the fix is so obvious. So i tried to open the amp unit and want check the base. The kef were a little too light on the bass for my taste. Featuring the latest tannoy 150 mm 6 dual concentric driver and a. Each master acts as the analogue audio input point as well as the processing controller.

Thankfully, tannoy offer activassist software as a free download from their web. The reveal 6ds are packed in pairs and the reveal 8d and 66ds are. These techniques enable the user to identify variation within their process. My home hifi setup with custom amplifiers and tannoy precision 6. You should consider them one of the best pairs of speakers at this price. The range of upper hf eq controlled by dip switches 15 to 20. Magnetic remote control with cr2025 lithium battery x 1 these models only. Statistical process control spc techniques, when applied to measurement data, can be used to highlight areas that would benefit from further investigation. However, due to the positioning of the system, the speakers will end up fairly close to a wall due to their large cabinets, probably no more than 10cm away. Brad watts avails himself of some precision engineering and 16 dip switches. The precision 6 and precision 8 are nonpowered units, one offering a 6inch bass driver and the other an 8inch. Ill confess to being a fan of tannoys dualconcentricity since. Msa assures that the measurement equipment precision is aligned to the application requirement so that you dont pay for precision you dont need, or dont get the precision you do need raytheon template is easy to use and requires no calculation or data. The new tannoy precision line of studio monitors offers two passive.

Thunderous lows and cutting highs make these great for any pro or home studio. The best were musikia on paris, where i wished there six months listen. Tannoy s precision monitor is available in three forms. Tannoy precision 8d brad watts avails himself of some precision engineering and 16 dip switches. The concept is always good at tannoy against by the electronics is really bad. Lautsprecher standlautsprecher absolute spitzenklasse klang punktepaarpreis heft gauder akustik berlina rc 11 70 92 160. Get the best deal for tannoy audio electronics from the largest online selection at.

For use as a stage, use of bar configuration view for an individual who needs a keyboard amp is perfect. Fully operational and in very good cosmetic condition. It is a high sensitivity speaker, and its possible that if you pair it with a noisy amp then any amp noise would be more audible. So the tidal bol send servicing and resolder i turned my two precision 8d passive and i sulk a bit since. For starters, the tannoy s feature a digital coaxial input. Compared with excellent highly accurate studio monitors tannoy precision 8d, there is a slight lack in the midrange and treble. The idp technology has been proven on more upmarket tannoy models and brings an impressive level of control and configuration to the precision range, which is particularly effective in 2. All four units are threeway and use the signature tannoy supertweeter and dual concentric bass and highfrequency drivers.

Some like the concentric diver they use, chris pelionus uses a. All of our products have been produced and tested with care and precision to give firstclass service. Theoretically, you could connect a dvd player or transport directly to. Aktiv monitor tannoy precision 8d professional audio. In november 2011 i stripped the problem board, made an inventory of components, and started down. Item will ship via ups to the continental us for a flat fee of 35. Hey all, yesterday i had a demo of kef r500 and tannoy revolution xt8f. First, because buying a pair of monitor in france, its just amazing.

Tannoy ltd is a british manufacturer of loudspeakers and publicaddress systems. View and download tannoy precision 60 advanced information online. As most of you would know, a dualconcentric driver incorporates two transducers into the. The tannoy reveal 6d speakers do sound really nice. Precision 8 passivenonpowered studio monitors pairfrequency response. Di8dc tannoy united kingdom tannoy north america tannoy deutschland tannoy france t. I also have a pair of tannoy precision 8d speakers on kijiji if you really want to build out a hi end vintage system. They are in full working order and in excellent condition. Updating their successful reveal range, tannoy have included new highresolution tweeter technology, sophisticated roomcorrection eq, and digital interfacing. Tannoy precision is a luxury loudspeaker series offering audiophile delicacy and breathtaking dynamics. Tannoy precision 60 advanced information pdf download.

Versatility is one of the key selling points of active speakers. Page 16 tannoy limited product designed in the united kingdom. Neither will they release a service manual for this model. If purchased i will throw in a yamaha multi disk cd player that you can hook up to the system. To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. And, its the precision 8ds that offer the greatest flexibility within this group.

View and download tannoy precision owners manual online. Vx 8 builds on the foundation of the highly successful and. The mac doesnt allow you to increase the volume of the digital signal and its a pity. The d in the reveal 8d model name indicates the speakers acceptance of a. Spf3480g7, spf3480xg7, spf3400 g7 and spf3400cg7 4. A dot matrix display and four control buttons on the front of each speaker allows direct access to the speakers settings. Hi, i wanted to give my opinion on these tannoy 802. These could be intimidating, but the manual does a good job of explaining things. Warranty no maintenance of the loudspeaker is necessary. Understanding this variation is the first step towards quality improvement. We have no technical specifications for this product but your help.

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